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Driverless cars on UK roads by 2021 - really?

Remember the days when the Budget was secret and anybody who leaked it got fired?

Apple could be a $1 trillion company within the next year, top analyst says

Apple will be the first $1 trillion company within the next year thanks to the iPhone X, a "major upgrade…

Facebook is trying to snare more YouTube posters with a new app for mobile video posts

Facebook hoping to court more video creators to its platform with the launch of a new app.

BuzzFeed unlikely to go public next year as revenue falls up to 20% short of forecast, report says

Media start-up BuzzFeed is no longer on track to go public next year as its revenue for 2017 is on…

Far-right accounts lose Twitter verified tick

Twitter has stripped several far-right accounts of their "verified" badge, after changing its policy.

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South Korea’s LG Electronics said on Tuesday its fourth-quarter operating…
Chinese telecom giant Huawei fired a sales director arrested in…
Shares of Finnish telecommunications firm Nokia dropped around 3 percent…

Fullscreen 'YouTube Red rival' to close in January

Online talent management firm Fullscreen is closing the subscription video platform it set up last year to rival YouTube's premium…

Uber suffers another setback in the UK as a judge rules that drivers require workers' rights

Uber lost an appeal at a U.K. employment tribunal Friday over its treatment of its drivers.

China to expand lower tax rates for high-tech service companies nationwide

China's finance ministry said on Friday that it will expand corporate tax rate cuts for high tech services firms nationwide,…

Congress asks Facebook, Google, and Twitter for information on energy-related ads bought by Russians

It's not just political advertising bought by Russians that has U.S. internet companies in hot water in Washington.

Twitter halts 'broken' verified-profile system

Twitter has suspended its verified-profile scheme and described it as "broken", following complaints over the type of accounts being verified.