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‘Toxic’ La rubber factory to relocate after meeting standards – EPA

‘Toxic’ La rubber factory to relocate after meeting standards – EPA Featured

The Environmental Protection Agency [EPA], has explained that, plastic manufacturing factory, Edisaw Company Limited in the La Dadekotopon Municipality of the Greater Accra

Region, which has been cited for serious air pollution, cannot relocate to commence operations elsewhere until they have met some safety standards.

It said although the factory will be temporarily closed on Wednesday, the company will not be allowed to relocate until the managers have acquired the necessary authorization to undertake their activities.


The EPA last week announced that it will close down the factory after residents of East La complained of serious health challenges the factory exposes them to.


The Director of Public Affairs at EPA, Angelina Mensah, said Edisaw Company Limited must follow the laid down procedures in order to restart their business at an appropriate location.

“We are going to close them down. They need to come to EPA for further discussion as to their relocation, and even with their relocation they need to do everything afresh. It is not just about relocating and going to a new area where [their activities] may have impact on human health and on the environment.”

Edisaw Company Ltd. manufactures takeaway packs, toilet rolls, as well as plastic and polythene bags.

A group of residents in the area have for the past few years complained about the activities of the company but not much has been done about the situation.

Meanwhile, the company is appealing to the EPA for more time before it is closed down, noting that an immediate shut down of the facility will result in serious financial challenges.

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