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Ghana:Fisherman jailed 20 years for incest

Ghana:Fisherman jailed 20 years for incest Featured

A Circuit Court at Aflao presided over by Mr Ali Baba Abature, has sentenced a fisherman, accused of incest, to 20 years imprisonment.

Kofi Adelashie was arrested for having sex with his teenage biological daughter.

The mother of the victim died about four years ago and she has since been living together with the father in the same room at Denu.

The court was told Adelashie took advantage of the situation and routinely subjected the girl to bouts of sex, ignoring her disapproval.

The convict is said to have threatened beating up the victim anytime she refused to give in to his demand for sex.

Unable to bear the abuse any longer, the victim gathered courage and reported her traumatic ordeal to her school teachers, who reportedly invited Adelashie and advised him to stop doing that.

He would not change and continued to make life miserable for the girl.

Matters came to a head on November 19, 2017, when Adelashie attempted to sexually attack her and this time she decided she had had enough of the father’s bad conduct and would no longer be intimidated.

She fled to the house of a pastor, told him about what the father had been taking her through and a formal report was made to the police.

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