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Here are the four enhanced security features of upgraded banknotes

Here are the four enhanced security features of upgraded banknotes Featured

The Bank of Ghana has served notice it will issue upgraded banknotes into circulation on May 6, 2019.

According to a press statement by the BoG, The upgraded banknotes will have enhanced security features in line with evolving changes in the technological landscape. The upgraded banknotes also come with improved durability and machine readability.

The enhanced security features include:

1. Optically Variable Magnetic Image (SPARK LIVE): It is a shiny colour-changing image of the cowrie shell on the GHC10, star on the GHC20 and cocoa pod on the GHC50. When the note is tilted, a shiny line across the cowrie shell, star, and cocoa pod moves up and down. The colour of the feature also changes from gold to green when tilted.

2. New Enhanced Security Thread (RAPID): It is a shiny broken line with movement that runs through the banknote from top to bottom. It is continuous when viewed against light. When the note is tilted, a star expands and contracts while the denomination value stays still.

3. More Prominent Watermark: It is the image of Tetteh Quarshie with a cocoa pod which has been made more noticeable in the plain star area of the banknote. It becomes visible on both sides when viewed against light. The denomination value can also be seen in the watermark area.


4. Enhanced Iridescent Band at the Back of the Banknote: It is a golden band with gold bars at the back of the banknote that runs from the top to the bottom. It can be seen more clearly when the note is tilted against light.

Unchanged principal design elements remain unchanged in the upgraded banknotes
The Big Six portrait
Denominational colours
Dimensions of the various denominations 
Othe principal and background images


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