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We are not robbing God – Private universities

We are not robbing God – Private universities Featured

The Council of Independent Universities (CIU) has dismissed information circulating on social media about the high cost of tuition at some private universities.

Describing the information as false and misleading, the Council is therefore urging parents and prospective applicants to contact the universities directly for information of fees or charges.

A message circulating on social media titled “Who is actually robbing God?” lists the school fees of some certain private universities established by some churches in Ghana.

The circulators of the message argue that high amounts are being charged as tuition fees from the same people who ostensibly contributed through tithes and offertory in their respective churches for the universities to be built.

The schools mentioned in the message include the Pentecost University College, Presbyterian University College, Ghana Baptist University College, Methodist University College, Central University, Christian Service University College and the Anglican University College

But a press statement issued on Thursday and signed by the Chairman of the CIU, Prof Osei K. Darkwa dismissed the message, saying that the message being circulated around by “some scrupulous persons” is intended to misinform the general public.

“I wish to state that the figures being quoted are false. We wish to encourage potential students and parents to contact the universities directly for information on fees or any other concern they may have,” the statement said.

It further assured the public that members of the CIU are held to very high standards and that their operations are governed by the laws of Ghana and are subject to the regulations of the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE).

“The CIU especially recognises that education is key to national development and must be made accessible to all who seek it. Our goal is to bridge the gap by providing opportunities for higher learning to prospective students who may not get admissions into public universities. This we do diligently and with utmost regard for the welfare of our students and their parents,” the statement added.

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