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Remove ads that appeal to children, gambling sites told

Online gambling companies have been urged to remove adverts featuring images likely to appeal to children.

1 billion users could be using 5G by 2023 with China set to dominate

The next revolution in mobile technology looks set to be led by China.

Child safety smartwatches ‘easy’ to hack, watchdog says

Some smartwatches designed for children have security flaws that make them vulnerable to hackers, a watchdog has warned.

'First 5G mobile net connection' claimed by Qualcomm

Qualcomm has demonstrated mobile internet speeds of 1Gbps using a 5G smartphone chip.

Digital property address system goes live Wednesday

The national digital Property Address System, which is expected to make it easier to find locations in the country and…

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Get Lost Mom And Dad! Amazon Lets Teens Shop on Their Own

The online retail giant said Wednesday that teens can now shop at Amazon on their own, if their parents let…

Traders demand action against e-commerce sites ‘flouting FDI policy’, threaten to move court

Traders body Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) on Monday alleged that e-commerce portals are "openly flouting FDI policy", and…

Wi-fi security flaw 'puts devices at risk of hacks'

The wi-fi connections of businesses and homes around the world are at risk, according to researchers who have revealed a…

Artificial intelligence - hype, hope and fear

If my email inbox is anything to go by, a technology revolution is under way that is going to transform…

Facebook funds anti-bullying training in schools

Facebook has said it will fund existing training for one young person in every UK secondary school so they can…