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China will win the A.I. race, according to Credit Suisse

At present, China lags U.S. in every area of AI development — hardware, research and algorithm, and industry commercialization —…

A 'dangerous situation' at Facebook could get 'much worse' if we don't take 'immediate steps'

Social media platforms that can be used as weapons by malicious parties need to be regulated. As we process the…

Bitcoin drops over increased scrutiny of exchanges, now down 18% over 2 days

Bitcoin fell again Thursday, bringing its two-day losses to more than 18 percent, after news of increased regulatory scrutiny of…

Most of Spotify's investors can cash out at any time

Among the many things that distinguish Spotify's upcoming share sale from a typical IPO, there's this gift for existing investors:…

Microsoft to support man who drew computer on blackboard to teach ICT

A teacher in Kumasi who educates his students on computer technology without any computers will get support from Microsoft.

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Apple is said to be releasing the largest iPhone ever in 2018

Apple is said to be releasing the largest iPhone ever in 2018 14 Hours Ago | 00:34

This smartphone cuts off your camera and microphone so no spy agencies can watch you

Cybersecurity firm DarkMatter has launched its first smartphone, designed to stop spy agencies listening to you.

Ransomware is ‘today’s modern-day extortion,’ McAfee CEO says

Ransomware is the 21st century's answer to extortion and the number of cyberattacks involving the malicious software is surging, according…

Apple confirms it uses Google's cloud for iCloud

Apple confirms it uses Google's cloud for iCloud 20 Hours Ago | 00:46

Huawei's rivals 'worry we are too strong' and may use politics to kick the tech giant out of the US, top exec says

Huawei's competitors are worried about its strength and are using politics to kick the company out of the U.S. market,…