iPhone 6S release date, price and specs

Apple has unveiled its newest iPhone, the iPhone 6S, which it hopes will repeat the success enjoyed by the iPhone 6 from 2014.

V3 has rounded up all the key information on the iPhone 6S, covering its release dates, prices, specs and key features, and we'll update this article regularly as more information comes to light, so check back to keep up to date.

Release date
Apple opened the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus for pre-order on 12 September, and demand seemed to be huge from the off. Several versions of both models had their delivery dates pushed back by as much as four weeks.

Apple said that the pre-order numbers put it on track to smash the 10 million opening weekend sales from 2014, and that it is working hard to reduce the backlog of orders, particularly for the iPhone 6S Plus.

The phone went on sale on 25 September in the UK, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore and the US. A total of 130 countries should have the phone on sale by the year's end.

There were big queues when the phone went on sale at the firm's stores, although not quite as big as last year, suggesting the more incremental updates to the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus did not excite as many people.

Apple said that it will charge the same launch price for the iPhone 6S as the original iPhone 6. This means the iPhone 6S will cost £539 for the 16GB model, £619 for the 64GB model and £699 for the 128GB model.

All the UK's top operators and phone sellers have confirmed that they will offer the phone, and various 12- and 24-month deals will no doubt be offered with smaller upfront fees than simply buying the phone outright.


iPhone 6S comes in rose-gold and has 3D Touch featuresThe 3D Touch technology supports different pressure touches

The iPhone 6S retains the same 4.7in screen as its predecessor but it now supports Apple's new 3D Touch technology, that allows different types of interaction based on the different levels of pressure applied to a touch on the screen.

The iPhone 6S also has an improved camera lenses with the front-facing FaceTime lens now 5MP, up from 1.2MP. The rear-facing lens is an 12MP iSight lens, up from 8MP. The iPhone 6S can also shoot 4K videos thanks to this new camera lens.

The iPhone 6S also has a new A9 processor, which Apple said provides 70 percent faster CPU and 90 percent faster GPU performance than the A8. This is also said to improve battery life.

One change which is surprising is that the iPhone 6S actually weighs more than the iPhone 6, at 143g, rather than 129g, while it is also ever-so-slightly thicker, with the dimensions for the iPhone 6S 138x67x7.1mm compared to 138x67x6.9mm.

The new devices also support Cat6 LTE+ services to support high-speed 4G services from the likes of EE that go as high as 150Mbps.

Battery life is said to last 14 hours on 3G use and 10 hours on 4G and 11 hours on Wi‑Fi.

One new feature Apple has introduced on the iPhone 6S is the new Hey Siri function that means you can ask Siri questions without having to be physically holding the device.

Apple has added a new colour option to its range, called pink gold, which will no doubt appeal to some buyers. The other options remain the same space grey, gold and silver.

iPhone 6S comes in four colours
A new rose gold option colour option has been made available

Below is the live blog from the event on 9 September. Feel free to relive the news as it was covered

8:10: That's a wrap folks! Thanks for reading along as we've followed all the Apple news. Keep checking back on V3 regularly for more insights, analysis and reviews of all things Apple in the coming days.

8:05: Pre-ordering begins 12 September and launches 25 September in the UK, US, China, France and Germany, among others. It will reach 130 countries by the end of the year.

8:00: The iPhone 6S will cost $199, $299 and $399 for 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage on 24-month contracts and the iPhone 6S Plus from $299, $399 and $499 for the same storage option.

7.55: The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus include a new A9 chip, which Apple says is 70 percent faster than the A8 in processing tasks, and 90 percent faster in graphics tasks. A 12MP iSight rear camera has been added on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, which offers faster autofocus than previous iPhone cameras.

7:40: New iPhones unveiled. iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus with a raft of new features. 3D Touch shown using 'Peek' gesture to preview emails without navigating away from the main inbox; swipe up to open Action menu; update Facebook status or upload to Dropbox straight from the home screen.

Apple TV remote communicates via Bluetooth 4.0, so don't need to 'point' it at the TV. Also has volume controls. Lasts three months on charge. Lightning connector to recharge, so no need for batteries.

Apple TV comes in 32GB for $149 and $64GB for $199. Cue also announces tvOS is available for developers now. Customers can get new Apple TV from late October and 100 countries by the end of the year.

7:20: Now an Baseball man is up - showing how you can use the tvOS app to watch games via its app, showing it at 60fps, and bring up loads of live data on the match live in a multi-screen mode, so you can watch the match and stats at the same time.

It also offers look-in information so you can recieve updates on other games while watching another. No doubt other sports franchises will get on that too. Looks impressive.

7:15: Now shopping using a shopping app to view clothes and buy them via the TV, basically creating another major retail channel. Something for retailers to start thinking about.

7:13: Some apps already ready for tvOS include AirBnB and road-crossing game CrossyRoad.

7:10: Cue is back, talking about the new operating system for the tv, called tvOS. Based on iOS and built for the TV. Touts potential for developers to create new services for the Apple TV system.

"We can't wait to see what apps they bring to the big screen."

7:08: You can also answer questions during watching TV to get information displayed along the bottom of the screen, such as weather or spots scores. If you want to bring it full-screen, Apple TV will pause in the background.

Switching apps is also shown-off, such as moving from watching a movie to the music app using Siri.

7:05: An Apple TV team head honcho is now on stage showing off the Siri search functions, such as being able to find a particular episode from a show and 'scrubbing' search to find key moments in an episode.

Siri can also be used to skip the show ahead by, say, seven minutes. It also has a 15-second backskip function and turn on subtitles if you miss a certain moment.

7:00: Eddy Cue come on stage and show off new remote. It has Siri controls and a touch-enabled area similar to the iPhone screen. Siri will search iTunes, NetFlix, Hulu, HBO and Showtime, with more to come, Cue said.

Apple unveils new TV Siri remote and Apple TV box

6:57: Cook unveils the new Apple TV, with Siri intro, and Apple remote-controlled interface.

6:55: We're on to Apple TV now. Cook says innovation in the TV world has stopped while mobile world has passed it by. "Today, we are going to do something about that," he says.

"We believe the future of television is apps."

6:50: The iPad Pro will launch in November and cost from $799, $949 and $1079 with storage options ranging from 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. It will come in three colours: silver, gold and space grey.

6:40: Microsoft joins Apple on stage to talk about the benefits of using its tools such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Then Adobe, showing how powerful it is for using its design and editing software.

Clear from these demos that Apple is hoping the iPad Pro will be a major business tool. Third demo shows medical benefits of such a large-screen, touch-sensitive device, helping show patients injuries in 3D and understanding human anatomy.

6:30: Device will come with a stylus called Apple Pencil and keyboard attachment to help boost productivity of the device.

6:20: Cook back now, onto iPad. Does this mean a big iPad Pro? It does. Cook announced iPad Pro with a dramatic space-age trailer. Phil Sciller comes up next to talk a bit more about it. Here are some key specs.

He confirms a 12.9in screen and touts the new multi-tasking features that iOS 9 brings as being “designed with this iPad in mind” for things such as typing, playing music and watching videos.

6:15: Apple now talking about partnering with Hermes for some watch bits like strips and faces. Not the most thrilling thing we'll hear tonight. Ah, they've just annoucned Watch O2 2 launches 16 September.

6:12: A demo now, Airstrip - a healthcare app used by doctors and nurses to share information with each other and patients and monitor health information.

6:10: There are now over 10,000 apps for the Watch, Williams adds. Reveals Facebook Messenger will be launched for the Apple Watch as well as iTranslate and GoPro, so Apple Watch can be a viewfinder for the camera.

6:05: We begin with Apple Watch. Apple CEO Tim Cook says device is "changing people's daily lives". Customer satisfaction is 97 percent, he says.

Jeff Willams then comes online, talks about the next generation fo the watchOS, such as new watch faces and 'third-party complications', an odd term for referring to how apps can provide information direct to your wrist, and maps updates. Cue applause.

5:50: The iPhone 6S event is just minutes away from starting and the excitment levels are high as we await to see what Apple has to show off. You can follow the live stream of the event on Apple's website via Safari or on iOS, or Windows Edge.

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