Apple Masque weakness, $3m hacker bounty, and VPN concerns: What we learned in security this week

It's been a busy week in the world of cyber security. Masque made a return to threaten old iOS versions, and the FBI put a $3m bounty on the head of the Gameover Zeus malware maker.

Trend Micro managed to sniff out the source of a large number of banking trojans, while Malwarebytes took a less heavy hand with people using pirated versions of its security software.

Elsewhere in the industry, government snooping agency GCHQ approved six new Master's degrees, and China embraced sweeping new cyber security laws.

Cisco had a week of ups and downs, revealing its purchase plans for OpenDNS to bolster IoT security, but also admitting that three of its enterprise tools are vulnerable to SSH weaknesses.

V3 has a rundown of the most important security from the past seven days.

Apple users at risk from Masque malware attacks, warns FireEye

iPhone 6 4.7in model with iOS 8

FireEye warned iPhone users that old versions of iOS are at risk from Masque malware attacks, which could be exploited to ruin iPhones and iPads with malicious apps.

The security firm said that Plugin Masque bypasses iOS entitlement enforcement and hijacks virtual personal network traffic, putting Apple devices running iOS version below 8.1.3 at risk.

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