Microsoft’s week: Launches Office for Android, confuses Windows users, and touts talks with Samsung

Microsoft had a busy and mildly confusing week, having launched Office for Android and touted discussions with Samsung over concerns about disabled Windows Update, then befuddled Windows users over the parameters for free upgrades to Windows 10.

The Redmond company also joined Google, Amazon Web Services and Intel to set up the Open Container Project to explore the standardisation of container software, and was reported have a multi-million dollar deal with the US Navy to extend the support of Window XP.

Microsoft Office launches on Android smartphones

Microsoft launches Android Office smartphone apps

Microsoft launched full versions of its Office software suite for Android, allowing corporate customers to access Word, Excel and PowerPoint on mobile devices running Google's operating system.

The full release follows a preview period which Microsoft claimed saw the software suite tested on over 1,900 different models of Android smartphones in 83 countries.

Microsoft: We're talking to Samsung over Windows Update disable concerns

Samsung logo

Microsoft said it is in talks with Samsung over the South Korean firm allegedly disabling the Windows Update system on some of its laptops.

The Redmond company told V3 that it would not recommend that anyone disable the feature, and that it is "addressing" the issue with Samsung. "Windows Update remains a critical component of our security commitment to our customers," a Microsoft spokesperson told us.

Microsoft Google, AWS and Intel throw weight behind Open Container Project


Microsoft joined a coalition of Amazon Web Services, Intel, IBM, Google, HP and Docker in a move to create the Open Container Project aimed at standardising the use of container software.

The project will be run as part of the Linux Foundation, and also includes members such as Cisco, EMC, Fujitsu Limited, Goldman Sachs, Huawei, Joyent, Pivotal, Rancher Labs, Red Hat and VMware.

Windows 10: Microsoft confuses users over free-for-all insider build changes


Microsoft released, and then quickly edited, some information about the incoming Windows 10 release and the methods through which its customers will get the upgrade for free on release day.

Windows Users have complained that Microsoft's explanation of the process is complicated and confusing and that where once Microsoft suggested a Windows 10 upgrade was free for all, the offer is actually only free for some.

US Navy pays Microsoft for yet more Windows XP support

US Navy Seals

Microsoft was reported to have been paid millions of dollars by the US Navy to continue the support of Windows XP, despite the company's best efforts to wean organisations and individuals from the old operating system.

The Navy did have an extension agreement with Microsoft to support Windows XP until 8 June 2015, but then sought more time to migrate away from its existing systems.

Microsoft could sell Windows 10 on a USB stick


Microsoft is reportedly planning to sell Windows 10, home and professional editions on USB thumbsticks in retail stores.

The Windows Central website, via a German publication called, has insider sources claiming that the USB option will join the more conventional DVD packaged option in shops.

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