Fury trashes Deontay and Anthony Joshua

IBO/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Tyson Fury really worked over WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and the unbeaten heavyweight contender Anthony Joshua this weekend. In an interview, Fury said that he’s hoping Joshua wins his fight against IBF heavyweight champion Charles Martin on April 9, because he’d like to face Joshua in a mega-fight in the UK.

However, he does not see Joshua winning the fight. Fury thinks Joshua is little more than a bodybuilder/weight lifter, and he doesn’t think those guys can fight. Fury notes that Joshua was gassed out by the 5th round in his fight against Dillian Whyte last December. Fury thinks Deontay will beat Joshua when/if the two fighters face each other. However, he thinks Wilder is just a skinny guy.

As for when Fury will face Wladimir in a rematch, he is not sure. Fury is not even sure if he’ll fight Wladimir next or not.


“I have no information about the rematch at all,” Fury said to Radio Raheem about his rematch with Wladimir. “I’m just waiting on confirmation, so who knows? I hope he [Joshua] wins [against Charles Martin], because it sets up a mega-fight in the UK for me. AJ [Joshua] is what you call a ‘weight lifter, a body builder.’ Body builders ain’t fighters. I’m the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. I beat a man [Wladimir] that nobody could beat. Don’t mention a 15-fight novice [Joshua] in the same breath as the number one heavyweight on the planet; the best fighter on the planet. I tell you what I’d do to him [Joshua]. I’d take him apart like a lion, ripping a Gazelle’s throat out. I think Wilder would knock AJ out, but Wilder’s only a [expletive] anyway. So he is what he is. He’s a skinny [expletive]. They’re all [expletives]. I’m the best heavyweight on the planet; the best fighter on the planet,” said Fury.

I do agree with Fury about Joshua being a bodybuilder rather than a fighter. I think Joshua got a little out of hand with his weight lifting after he won his controversial gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics, and he’s put on a lot of useless muscles that has slowed him down and not improved him as a fighter. If anything, I think Joshua was a better fighter back in 2009, when he fought Dillian Whyte for the first time at 220. I also agree with Fury about him thinking that Deontay will beat Joshua. I think it’s pretty much academic at this point that Deontay is the faster fighter with the better punching power than Joshua. When you look at Joshua’s fights, he comes across as very slow, mechanical and robotic. He pushes his punches and doesn’t seem capable of throwing explosive shots like Deontay.


As far as I can tell, the only reason why Joshua has so many knockouts on his resume is because his opponents, which his clever promoter Eddie Hearn digs up for him, tend to foolishly back up against the ropes and this lets Joshua just tee off on them. They fight like sparring partners, bad sparring partners. The only good fighter that Joshua has fought thus far was Dillian Whyte, and he came into the fight with a bad shoulder injury to his left shoulder.

Joshua looked a better back then with more speed, and he wasn’t gasping for breath after throwing a handful of punches like he’s doing now. Joshua has packed 30 pounds of muscle since then, and it doesn’t appear to have helped him at all. I think IBF heavyweight champion Charles Martin is a better fighter, and he doesn’t have any of the muscles that Joshua has. He’s actually a little flabby looking, but he’s not muscle bound like Joshua.

“I have no idea when the next fight is, who it is going to be, no idea,” he said. “So that is a bit of an update for everybody,” Fury said to skysports.com. “I don’t know who it is going to be, to be honest [if Wladimir will be next]. I have no confirmation on if it is going to be Klitschko, Fred Flintstone or Batman, I have no idea.”


I think Fury has to fight Wladimir next because of the rematch clause, but who knows? If Fury is allowed to fight someone else next, then that’s good too, because he could then face the winner of the Deontay vs. Alexander Povetkin fight in a unification. I expect Deontay to beat Povetkin without any problems. That should be an easy fight for Deontay no matter where the contest takes place. They can stage it in Russia, and I see Deontay winning the fight with ease.

Not surprisingly, Fury does not think a fight against Joshua will be a big deal once Charles Martin beats him. The fight is only meaningful while Joshua is unbeaten. The British boxing public won’t be excited if Joshua’s record is marred by a glaring defeat.

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  • Origin: By Scott Gilfoid: GhAgent