Mayweather will never get credit from some fans

I’ve never heard so many excuses for why Manny Pacquiao lost the fight to Floyd Mayweather Jr. earlier this month on May 2nd. It’s always the same thing. It doesn’t matter WHAT Floyd does or WHO he fights, he will never, ever, EVER get the credit he deserves. Mayweather could fight Pacquiao one million times and win every time, but after that one millionth time, many boxing fans would just say, ‘The only reason why Mayweather won is because Pacquiao’s machine gun jammed.

Mayweather’s boring, all he does is run.’ Then people would say, ‘If Mayweather’s not a coward, he’ll give Pacquiao a rematch and stand right in front of him, and this time, let Pacquiao make sure his M-60 is oiled and fully loaded.’


Mayweather could fight pretty much anyone, and if he won, people would still likely say, ‘Why couldn’t he do it with BOTH arms tied behind his back? What about the MMA fighters? Why couldn’t he fight them, too? Mayweather’s boring, all he does is run.’

I’ve watched the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight FOUR TIMES from three different perspectives and Floyd gave Manny a thorough boxing lesson EACH TIME. I don’t believe those shady details about his torn rotator cuff for one second. Pacquiao simply received surgery on an old shoulder injury he had throughout his career and used the injury as his trump card to save face. Floyd said he had two hand injuries before the fight, but of course, he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt like Pacquiao in the eyes of many boxing fans. Oh, and the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) form just happened to be filled out incorrectly by Pacquiao. Yeah, we understand it was an honest mistake by Pacquiao’s adviser Michael Koncz.

I’ve followed Floyd’s career ever since he first went pro in ’96, most people don’t realize how much of a beast he was, back in his early days. He became much more defensive-minded with age and wisdom. It’s a shame that the defensive geniuses in boxing aren’t appreciated much by you part-time fans, because they are the PURE BOXERS.

If someone should be blamed for Maywather-Pacquiao fight being quote/unquote, “boring”, it should be Pacquiao. Mayweather’s been fighting the exact same way for the latter half of his career. That’s what has worked and kept him winning as he ages. Why would he fix what isn’t broken, and why would you people keep paying to watch him fight (I’m also talking about the people who watched the fight somewhere else or on cable the following week, because the bottom line is that SOMEONE paid the cable bill or pay-per-view so that you could watch it)? I’ll tell you why you keep paying and watching: YOU PAY TO WATCH HIM LOSE AND/OR SEE WHAT THE OTHER GUY CAN DO. It’s not Floyd’s fault that these fighters aren’t good enough to take him out of his game-plan and make him fight a different fight, IT IS THE OTHER GUY’S FAULT. It’s also you people’s fault, the casual fans/Floyd-haters/Pacquiao fans that are naive and hateful enough to buy into the hype that these guys are good enough to beat Floyd. Before the fight with Mayweather, Pacquiao was talking about how God was delivering Mayweather into his hands. The only thing that got delivered was Pacquiao’s backside to Mayweather’s foot

So now some people want Floyd to fight IBO/WBA middleweight champion Gennady “GGG” Golovkin next in September. First off, Golovkin fights at middleweight, two divisions heavier than welterweight, the division that Mayweather fights at. So what, Gennady said he would come down to light middleweight to fight Floyd. Golovkin will still rehydrate back up to something around or north of 170 lbs by the time he enters the ring with Mayweather. Mayweather’s walk-around weight is 146-150lbs. Mayweather RARELY sees anything north of 150lbs on fight night, and even if he could get heavier, it would be more of a handicap than an advantage.

Does it really sound fair for Mayweather to fight a knockout artist that’ll probably outweigh him by 20lbs or more? Gennady is knocking out 170-180 pound men. If Floyd should beat Golovkin, some fans will just say that Mayweather’s a coward and ran all night, as if he’s supposed to stand there and trade with a knockout artist who’s 20 or more pounds heavier than him. Some fans will also say that Golovkin was weight-drained.

So as you can see, Mayweather wouldn’t even get the due credit for the fight against Golovkin anyway. There is absolutely NO NEED for Floyd to take this fight, although I do believe he would find a way to win if it were to happen. THE QUESTION IS WHY ISN’T GENNADY GOING AFTER WBA super middleweight champion Andre Ward? Since Golovkin is willing to hop in and out of other weight classes and his walk-around weight is around the super-middleweight limit anyway, that’s the fight that makes sense. He’s even willing to move to super-middleweight to fight former IBF/WBA super middleweight champion Car Froch. I believe that Golovkin is not going after Ward because Ward is as big as he is, he’s also young and a PURE BOXER, like Mayweather, that would beat Golovkin. Some of the fans have even suggested that Floyd would have to go all the way up to full middleweight to get credit for this win. That’s so UNFAIR.

Floyd’s the guy to beat. He’s the man everyone’s gunning for. Shouldn’t everybody come to HIS weight class and fight HIM at HIS best? I’ll be so glad when Floyd hangs up the gloves, then his critics will have to find somebody else to dislike.

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  • Origin: By Jason G: GhAgent