Judicial corruption: Former President Rawlings calls for circumspection

Judicial corruption: Former President Rawlings calls for circumspection Former President Jerry Rawlings

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has called for circumspection and tact in dealing with the revelations that some members of the Judiciary have been implicated in a bribery scandal.

He said he was saddened by the matter and, therefore, appealed for circumspection, especially on the part of the media and members of the public.

“I feel genuinely sad about it. I guess it shows some are just as vulnerable as most others. Times are really hard and there is no doubt some would have done it out of greed, like some of our politicians, businessmen and so-called men of God. And others to profit from politics by releasing armed robbers and other criminals back onto our streets,” he pointed out in a statement.

Investigate allegations

According to the former President, it was important that the relevant institutions and authorities take the necessary steps to investigate fully those revelations and deal appropriately with the culprits.

“The media and members of the public should exercise a lot of circumspection and restraint, so that we do not end up bringing the reputation of many members of the Judiciary who have their integrity intact into disrepute,” former President Rawlings cautioned.

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