IPMC unveils multi-purpose solar-powered printer

IPMC unveils multi-purpose solar-powered printer Solar-powered printer

RISO IPMC a leading Information Technology (IT) company in West Africa has launched new RISO printers including a solar powered and high speed printer in Accra.

The printers which are manufactured by RISO International have been developed with advanced technology capable of printing up to 150 copies per minute with high speed and quality colour.

Speaking at the launch in Accra, Chief Executive Officer of IPMC, Amar Deep S. Hari, said the RISO products are meant to enhance education in Africa, while helping to address power challenges that hamper productivity in the office.

He said RISO, a global leader in printing solution had designed the products to be eco-friendly taking into consideration such conditions in Africa particularly Ghana, which is facing energy crisis, to enable users enjoy the best in life.

Mr. Amar believes that Ghana remained a sensitive market in Africa and needed to be given special preference that would meet the demands of customers, who wish to enhance productivity and meet deadlines and targets.

According to him, the printers served multifunctional purposes such as printing; folding, stapling, binding, envelope wrapping and perfect binding that increase superior performance and cut down cost of doing business.

“Surprisingly, the products featured an upgrade ultra-high-speed duplex printing -- technology that ensures that it operates for longer hours as they have a cold process printing system, he said”.

Mr. Amar said with the introduction of RISO printers including the RISO ComColor series, EZ201, EZ571, CV3030 and Risolar KZ30, it had demonstrated that IPMC was dedicated to providing special products that addressed the peculiar needs of IT users in the country.

The Export Manager of RISO Africa, Jason Rose, in a presentation, said the ComColor is the world’s fastest inkjet printer noted for printing up to 150 copies per minute at reliable speed, affordable cost and durability for superior performance.

According to him, the product has 24 fixed inkjet heads arranged in parallel to allow for quality color printing at a single press of the button.

He said in most Africa countries such as South Africa, where over 3,500 schools had no electricity, RISO solar powered printers provide access to learning materials at anytime and anywhere you would like to print off the grid.

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