Bui Dam Reservoir Boosts Local Fishing Industry

The Bui dam reservoir constructed, by the Bui Power Authority, managers of the 400 megawatts Bui Dam in the Banda District of the Brong-Ahafo region has boosted economic activities for the local fisher folks in the area.

     Communities such as Jama in the Bole Bamboi District of the Northern Region, situated upstream of the reservoir and Bongoase in the Banda District, which is downstream of the reservoir, have turned into fishing colonies due to influx of fish mongers and fishermen, including foreign nationals.

Economic activities at the once farming dominated communities was brisk, when the Ghana News Agency (GNA) visited the area over the weekend.

According to the people of the area, fish mongers and fishermen from the length and breadth of the country as well as other nationals from Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso had moved to the area.

Most of the local fishermen and fish mongers are from Bole, Bamboi, Ada, Yeji, Sogakope and the Afram Plains.

There were also a number of dealers in outboard motors and premix fuel, while fast food joints, chop bars and drinking pubs were springing up in the areas.

Artificial markets, which had been created in the two fishing communities could accommodate more than 7000 traders each, according to the locals.

The fish mongers told the GNA in a random interview that their business activities were flourishing but the local fishermen complained that the influx of other colleagues to the communities was making fishing competitive.

Other fishermen also expressed worry about the regular shortages of premix fuel, a situation which according to them were affecting their businesses.

Mr. Ojukwu Alovi, the Inland Fishing Coordinator at Jama, noted with concern that, the uncontrolled noise at the market had driven the fishes upstream and most of the fishermen could not afford the premix fuel to move deep to fish.

According to him the BPA had declared moratorium at specific areas of the reservoir and because of that the fishermen could not get more catch, and appealed to the Authority to lift it.

 Nana Kojo Pambo II, the Chief of Jama, noted that, the Bui dam has enhanced the livelihood of the local people because of the upsurge in business activities.

     But, he however expressed the fear that because of the influx of fishermen to the area, the fishing population in the reservoir would soon deplete.

     He appealed to the BPA to take precautionary measures to sustain the local fishing industry as many of the local people depended on that for their livelihood.

     Nana Pambo II noted that, delays in the payment of land and crop compensations to farmers who were directly or indirectly affected by the construction of the dam was now an issue among the local people.

     He said though the government had paid 40 per cent of crop compensation to some of the farmers, others had not those theirs and appealed to the BPA to facilitate the payments.

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  • Origin: GNA: GhAgent