Shatta Wale Wants to End Beef With Samini | Proposes a UNITY Concert & Says He Has Tried Talking to Samini on Many Occasions

Shatta Wale and Samini Shatta Wale and Samini

Beef in the world of music among artistes do not live on forever—and if Nas & Jay-Z’s beef came to an end, then whatever industry beef anyone has will eventually find peace.

Ghanaian dancehall artiste-Shatta Wale who has been on the neck of Samini for many months seems to be looking for that peace talk to end the rivalry between Samini fans and his fans.

Speaking on Pluzz FM, Shatta Wale proposed a UNITY concert with Samini, saying he is ready to pay Samini to be part of this concert.

“I propose a Samini-Shatta Wale show. The fans really want it. We are not enemies but he has made it so. I will pay him Gh80,000 for him to come and perform if he will accept my request” Shatta Wale stated.

Contrary to what people think, Shatta Wale said he has no problem with Samini. He mentioned that, “I always tell people that I don’t have a problem with Samini, he has a problem with me.

When you talk about unity, I’ve tried my best to talk to Samini. Recently I met in Mugeez New York and I told him to talk to his friend (Samini). This thing is business, he shouldn’t take it like his father’s property”.

Perhaps it is time for the noise and unnecessary tension between Samini and Shatta Wale to end—and then the fans can throw their full weight behind each other in peace.

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