16 Year Old Girl Who Was in The Tamale Leaked Seks Tape Begs Ghanaians For Forgiveness

One of the ladies in the Tamale seks tape or video who is believed to be going through an inward emotional conflict with herself, has pleaded with Ghanaians to forgive her.

The scandal hit the Northern regional capital, Tamale, on Wednesday, 30th July, 2014. The ladies captured in the said video have fled the city to avoid humiliation. The women feel embarrassed not only because the pictures and videos went viral but also because residents in the area take turn to pay awkward visits to their work places and homes just to have scornful glimpse at them.

One of the ladies (name withheld) who comes from a broken marriage and for that matter lacked proper parental care met this unscrupulous guy in the Tamale Municipality. Thinking that she has met her angel-in-human-flesh, she threw herself at the guy.

According to the lady, she once visited the guy and took her dress off. The guy snapped her with his camera but asked him to delete it. She toke the camera from him, checked and did not see any picture – so she thought she had nothing left with the guy after they broke-up.

The whole encounter happened in 2010 when the girl was only 16 years old. Meanwhile, the things she did in the video and the poses she gave for the guy to snap her, would make any one ask if she was indeed 16 at that time. Girls of today come up as very bad and impossible!

Today, the girl has come out to state that “I apologize to all! I don’t want people to judge me! They don’t know what led me into doing that! Please forgive me! I beg all of you!”

Another Update on the case

GhanaCelebrities.Com also had an unconfirmed lead that the guy in the center of the whole affair was contracted by an ‘adult content’ company abroad but unfortunate for him, his hard drive which contained all the recorded sexual encounters, got lost into the hands of some students in UDS who leaked the videos on social media.

The girl is now in the care of respected TV host and entrepreneur, Gifty Anti of The Standpoint. Speaking to GhanaCelebrities.Com, Gifty Anti promised to connect us to an expert who will reveal to us, how to detect if someone is filming you in any enclosed confinement.

Gifty Anti is also waging a strong campaign against this sex-filming orientation that is now characterizing our society. Keep your finger crossed for more. Until then….MOTWUM!!

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