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Apple often makes make it near impossible to upgrade its computers, and its new iMac isn’t officially upgradeable, either. Whatever

Microsoft is releasing a new test version of Windows 10, build number 16215, today and there are a lot of changes on the way. If you’re a Windows Insider on the Fast Ring then it’s available immediately, for everyone else all of the new features will arrive in the Windows

My first reaction to Apple's WWDC announcement of iOS drag and drop was basically, "Lol welcome to three decades ago." But after

Dr Nii Kotei Dzani, President of Groupe Ideal, has been adjudged the Most Influential Economist at GUBA 2017 in the UK, for his

Menaye Donkor, winner of Miss Universe 2004 and CEO of MALZ Promotions, now owns the Miss Universe Ghana franchise.

On lst November, 1985 my sweet baby boy, for me the greatest gift of all-he made me a mother for the first time. Maxwell Adam Mahama was such a special child. He had a pure, loving, kind heart reflected in his always smiling face. Since childhood. Adam was very

Major Maxwell Mahama’s close family has paid moving tribute to their fallen husband, brother and son, at his burial service at the State

Microsoft has trademarked “DirectReality” ahead of its E3 press event on Sunday, with some hints that this mysterious service might

If Amazon and Google have their way and quadcopters become commonplace as delivery vehicles, it could lead to some very busy skies. To manage this problem, a number of companies and institutions are working on air traffic control systems for drones — including