Head teacher demoted for absenteeism

Head teacher of Lingbunga Primary school in the Tolon District of the Northern Region has been demoted for persistent absenteeism from school.

He is now serving as a teacher in the same school whilst facing the Tolon GES Disciplinary Committee.

Public Relations Officer of Tolon District Education directorate, Godfred Donna told Citi News the demoted head teacher might be summarily dismissed if the Disciplinary Committee investigations prove his incompetence.

According to him, some teachers in the Tolon District have already been punished in various ways for perpetual absenteeism and lateness to school.


He said the Tolon District Ghana Education directorate has intensified its monitoring and supervision in schools to flush out disobedient teachers.

For this reason, all heads and teaching staff of schools in the Tolon District are compelled to on daily basis log in and log out their duty hours.

This system, according to Godfred Donna is meant to reverse the falling standard of education in the area.

He said all the major stakeholders especially head teachers and circuit supervisors have a stake in ending the poor performance of pupils in the area.

By: Abdul Karim Naatogmah


Tolon disaster- 12 school buildings destroyed

A total of 12 primary schools in the Tolon District of the Northern Region have been ripped off by severe rainstorms.

One of such schools is Woribogu Ahmadiya Primary School where all upper primary pupils there have resumed studies under trees.

With the continuous rains, the distressed pupils will be absent in school depending on the weather.

Undoubtedly, this will worsen the falling standard of education which education authorities there are already grappling with.

Head teacher of Woribogu Ahmadiya Primary School, Christiana Alandong decried the situation and said her administration was compelled to camp the lower pupils under trees as means of creating space to accommodate the displaced upper primary pupils.

She called for the immediate aid of government and Non Governmental Organizations.

Tolon District Director of Education, Amoli Abaako advised the head teacher to rather maintain the lower primary pupils in their classrooms and keep the upper primary pupils under the trees.

He was however quick to assure the school authorities of the assembly’s preparedness to re-roof the school building.

Touched by the plight of the pupils, Northern Ghana Manager of Bayport Financial Services, William Majeed Mahama promised that management of the institution will assist in re-roofing the building.

Despite the prevailing circumstance, he encouraged the pupils to aspire to become responsible citizens.

Each pupil at the upper primary level received two branded Bayport Financial Services exercise books whilst those newly admitted pupils into the lower primary enjoyed some drinks.

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  • Origin: By: Abdul Karim Naatogmah