Most Christians Are Wrongfully Observing The Passover…95% Of Churches Bogus

Head of the Spiritual Churches Council and Spiritual Leader of Prophets in Ghana, Nakoa Nazareth Ansah Jamson, has posited that Christians and Churches that do not observe the traditional Passover feast are not true adherents of Christ’s teachings.

According to him, about 95% of Churches in the country have lost focus and are simply deceiving the masses.

He has thus urged Ghanaians to use the Easter Celebration to rededicate themselves to God and serve Him with all their heart.

“Observing the Passover is a must and when it is dutifully followed, one is made part of God’s Kingdom. Any church that does not observe the Passover feast is bogus,” Nakoa Jamson said at the celebration of this year’s feast of the Passover held at the Church’s premises in Accra on Thursday.

He pointed out that it was the first Christian Roman Emperor, Constantine, who skillfully adjusted the Christian Calendar and how certain Christian practices were altered and forced down the throat of its leaders, resulting in even learned people worshipping God and observing His statutes wrongly.

Nakoa Jamson, who is also the General Overseer of Israel King of Jews Church, minced no words in describing as ‘Pure thievery” the penchant by some men of God to put up elegant and magnificent buildings as churches or places of worship. He prefers such funds are rather used in helping the destitute and under-privileged in society and in the house of God.


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