Prophet T.B. Joshua: Faith and the word in action

Sunday April 5, 2015 was Easter day and the special service at The SCOAN was set aside to commemorate the supreme sacrifice of the One who bore the sins of the world on the cross. It was a day to embark on sober reflections; a time to determine our relationship with the risen Christ who came to free the world from sin and sorrow and still lives in our midst through the Word. The Emmanuel Singers inspired untamed praise and embellished the day with melodious but thought-provoking tunes that will linger in the memories of passionate worshippers.

In a deep message, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke on the dual essence of the Word of faith. According to the man of God, the Word of faith exists on two cardinal platforms: in our hearts to believe and in our mouths to confess. That is the only way we can bring the Word into real action. Citing Psalm 107:20, the man of God observed: “He sent out His Word and healed them…” This means, His Word is quite different from the word you are used to. He sent forth His Word. He did not say, “He sent forth word” but, “He sent forth His Word”. If it is Christ’s Word, it is the Word of the Holy Spirit. Before you can make use of His Word, your soul must be guided towards it. When you want to speak His Word, your soul must be guided towards it. It means your spirit must act upon the Word”.

Symbolically speaking, Prophet T.B. Joshua analysed the Word of God and how it works in relation to the mystery of faith. “After you have planted the Seed – the imperishable Seed that is the Word of God, you believe it is growing before you see it grow. Before the Word of God is planted, it must be known, received and steadfastly trusted. It is not just to plant the Word. For the Word to dominate your heart, the Word must be known, received and trusted. This is faith, which is the evidence of things not seen. In Christ Jesus, we have perfect evidence of faith for any one of us to get rid of our doubts. You can get rid of your doubts by the Word of the Holy Spirit”.

Conclusively, the man of God gave the scriptural instruction for the workability of the Word in the life of anyone: “The Word is not planted until it is known, received and trusted. It is settled. You can never believe in Christ Jesus until the Word is known, received and trusted. When you receive it, you grow. When you continue to hear the Word, you grow.”

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