The Depth And Power Of The Word

Sunday March 29, 2015 witnessed the commemoration of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem with the Palm Sunday celebrations. The children at The SCOAN gave a symbolic enactment of that event as one of them rode on a donkey amidst shouts of Hosanna! The congregation was poised for an encounter with God even as they remained excited in anticipation of the showers of His blessings upon their lives. As usual, the Emmanuel Singers were on hand to dish out melodious tunes much to the edification of the entire congregation.

The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke on the dynamics of the Word of God and its everlasting significance in the life of the Christian who desires to live above board in the Christian race: “You begin to believe the Word of God when it dominates your heart. There is no amount of the Word of God in your mouth that can influence your conduct and character. It is when the Word dominates your heart that you can go forth and go on in the discharge of your Christian duty”.


Continuing, Prophet T.B. Joshua observed that in teaching and preaching the Word, it must be in accordance with the Spirit of God. “The words we use in counsel, teaching and preaching must be in accordance with God’s Spirit. The more you think more about what you read, the more your heart acts upon the Word.”

On how we can nurture our faith, the man of God opined that we can only do so by steadily dwelling on God and His Word. According to him, when we look up to God in the totality of our affairs and build our trust around Him, it is only then that His power can be manifested in our lives: “How do we have faith? We have faith when we know God. Faith continues to grow as we continue to look unto God, look at God, and meditate on God. If you know God, you will simultaneously have faith. It grows”.

Concluding, Prophet T.B. Joshua urged Christians to continue to meditate on God’s Word at all times as it enables them to gain access to God and to understand His will: “Meditation in God’s Word is a visit with God. Do you know something is greater than all you are waiting for? Hearing from God is a much greater blessing than any other blessing you are waiting for.

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